2024 Volunteer Judge - Dymocks (Remote)

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We are seeking volunteer readers to assist with the judging process for our Beyond Words Creative Writing Competition!

Beyond Words is a national creative writing competition for primary and secondary students across Australia, run by Dymocks. Students have been challenged to write a short story between 500-1500 words on any theme and in any genre. We are seeking Australia’s most passionate and creative young storytellers!

The competition has the biggest prize pool of any youth writing competition in Australia.

While this is a volunteer position and does not include payment, as a thank you, you will receive a $5 Dymocks Gift Voucher for each set of 10 stories you judge!


We are seeking volunteer readers who are experienced in and passionate about creative writing! 

You might be an emerging writer yourself, be undertaking a degree in creative writing or literature, be part of a creative writing organisation, or work for a student publication or literary magazine.


Reading will commence on June 5th 2024 and finish by September 2nd 2024.

We ask each volunteer to commit to judging a minimum of 3 sets (30 stories in total). Stories will range in length from 500-1500 words. You do not need to write detailed notes on every story you read.

In order to finish the total judging within this time frame, we ask volunteers to take no more than 5 days to judge each set of stories.


You must be located in Australia. This is an unpaid volunteer position however we hope that being associated with such a big national competition run by a trusted Australian brand will be great to put on your resume. By agreeing to volunteer you accept the Volunteer Judge Terms of Engagement (below).

Throughout the judging process you will be exposed to incredible stories from a diverse range of students across Australia and will hone your skills in considering the range of qualities that make up a ‘good story’, including technical command of form, the use of language to shape meaning, and the passion, heart and creativity behind an idea!

The application process is: 
  1. Apply Now
  2. Attach a brief resume that outlines your creative writing experiences. We do not need full detail of your past employment, we are interested in:
  • any publication history such as anthologies, literary magazines etc. 
  • experience working in tutoring or teaching creative writing workshops
  • involvement in student publication or reading/editing for literary magazines 
  • completion or enrolment in creative writing courses 
  • any other relevant experience in creative writing


For the full terms and conditions of judging, please visit the Dymocks Beyond Words website: https://beyondwords.dymockstutoring.edu.au/judges/judges-terms/

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