Hurtsville Primary & High School Tutor

Sydney, New South Wales
Work Type: Seasonal


A Dymocks' education company, Dymocks Tutoring is looking to be a market leader in school tutoring services, renowned for improving students' marks. 

We're constantly on the look out for passionate and caring tutors who want to have fun teaching something they love. If that's you, reach out!

We are launching an exciting new hub in the Hurtsville area come Term 1 2024 and need amazing tutors to pioneer the growth of Dymocks Tutoring in said area. You hold the reigns and responsibility to be leading education in a powerful way that enriches students lives.
If that excites you and you are interested in helping us build upon the legacy of the Dymocks brand. Come aboard!


You might be:

  • Undergraduate with ATAR above 85 and Band 6 in subject to be tutored
  • Graduate with University Transcript and acceptable weighted average mark
  • Teachers and PhD

Prior tutoring experience is desirable, not essential. Most important is that you are a clear and enthusiastic communicator with a good grasp of the subject matter. We will supplement that knowledge with our own teaching materials.

When applying, applicants select both locations and grades that they are able to tutor. In terms of grades this includes:
  • Primary
  • Junior High School (Years 7 - 10)
  • Senior High School (Years 11 and 12)
We're looking for Tutors in:

  • Maths (3-12, STD, ADV, EXT 1)
  • English (3-12, STD, ADV)
  • Selective Schools (3-5, Thinking Skills)
  • Science including Chemistry, Biology and Physics (HSC)
  • Business Studies (HSC)
  • Legal Studies (HSC)
  • Economics (HSC)


We try our best to look after our tutors as well as our students. That's why we pay above market remuneration ranging from:

  • Undergraduates under 20 - $38.59 including superannuation 
  • Undergraduates 20 and over - $41.69 including superannuation 
  • Graduate - $55 including superannuation 
  • Teacher/PhD - $62 including superannuation
There are also no surprises with us. We do ask that tutors don't work with other tutoring businesses whilst they are with us but you're free to work wherever you like if you decide to move on to other opportunities. After all, it shouldn't be like escaping the Matrix 😂 

Shifts are available weeknights from 4:30 PM and on weekends 9 - 6 PM.

The hiring stage will take sometime and please know that you may be put on standby when onboarded but rest assured you will be able to take classes! We are looking to launch Term 1 2024 of the school term! 


You must have the right to work in Australia and provide evidence of this to us. 

The application process is: 
  1. Apply Now
  2. Complete all options and attach supporting documentation for HSC or University Results and Awards
  3. We may invite you to provide a video introduction which is a very brief, preferably unedited, intro
  4. We then invite you to a face-to-face interview (or online if you are only an online tutor).
  5. Pass the interview - welcome to the team! 

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